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On page 87 (in the English translation) of 내일을 위한기도 by 이희호, one finds the letter dated April 29, 1981 (1981 4 29) with the quote "The process of a bud becoming a blossom is not easy." The original Korean reads "당신 편지대로 하나 피는 과정도 드는 느낍니다, " implying that Kim Dae Jung wrote the same in an earlier letter. Deep gratitude to Ms. Maria Ahn ( 마리아) for tracking down and translating the original Korean as the English translation simply says "as you said" but not "as you wrote in your letter." The quote from Lee Hee Ho about hypocrisy: "Words cannot describe how difficult it is today to live a life pursuing the truth and looking forward to the path of eternal life in a world full of hypocrisy." ("더구나 오늘날 같이 위선이 판치는 세상에서 바르게 진리를 추구하여 영생의 길을 바라보고 살아가기란 어렵단 말로 표현이 가능치가 않습니다.") can be found on page 164 (letter dated July 19, 1981). Kim Dae Jung's letters to Lee Hee Ho are also published as "Volume 1" of a 2 Volume series: 중서신. Lee Hee Ho's letters to Kim Dae Jung are printed in Volume 2. To purchase the English edition of Lee Hee Ho's letters only, click here. The Korean version (내일을 위한기도/이희호가 김대중에게 ) here and here. Both sets of letters, Volume 1 and Volume 2 of 중서신.(in Korean) as a set (옥중서신 세트) here. Kim Dae Jung's prison letters to his family have been translated into English and can be obtained here.

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Martin Luther King discusses "positive peace" as "the presence of Justice" in his famous Letter from the Birmingham Jail. Bottom of page 3, second to last paragraph.
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See Book IV in Plato's Republic for the discussion of the human soul, and the definition of Justice as "Harmony of the Soul". See especially 443b-443d. The entire book (with Stephanus numbers) can be read here.

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See 49d in Plato's Crito for the claim that it is never just to return harm for harm. Access the complete dialogue here. 49d is on page 6 of the attached.
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Unable to post an ebook of Thurman's 1949 "Jesus and the Disinherited" because of copyright. It seems the book has yet to be translated into Korean. However, Thurman delivers some talks on this book that you can listen to at the Howard Thurman & Sue Bailey Thurman Collections here. There are also a wealth of resources on "Jesus and the Disinherited" at the Pitts Theology Library, Vanderbilt University, here.
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Listen to Howard Thurman discussing the "Bonds that Unite" (Sermon of April 1, 1951) here. The "Virtual Listening Room" of The Howard & Sue Bailey Thurman Collections at Boston University contains many more of Thurman's sermons. Treasures, all of them.

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The quote about "blame" can be found in passage #5 of Epictetus' Enchiridion. You can read it here or listen to it here. Short, powerful piece. Only takes about 1 hour to listen to it. Time well spent!
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The March 1, 1919 Declaration of Independence can be read in English here. In Korean, here. This document is part of the "Documents of Freedom" set that I made as part of my commemorative activity surrounding the 100th anniversary of the 3.1 movement. Set is available in both Korean and English. They are sold in the gift shop of Seodaemun Prison in Seoul, as well as here. Among these documents, printed on antiqued parchment paper, is the "Declaration of Democracy and National Salvation". Kim Dae Jung is one of the signatories and he was imprisoned for his participation - marking his first prison sentence.

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I learned about the story of Reverend Jim Lawson's officiating of James Earl Ray's wedding in David Halberstam's superb account of the Civil Rights Movement, "The Children", which goes into great detail about the lives of the students who were the footsoldiers of the non-violent Movement (John Lewis, Diane Nash, Marion Barry, etc.). In fact a number of activists visited Ray in prison. The account of Lawson's decision is on page 603. Click here for the passage in Korean. Click here for newspaper article about Reverend Jim Lawson officiating prison wedding of James Earl Ray.